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We provide 100% unplagiarized text, our ghostwriters are creative writing experts who understand the idea of generating compelling, original and unique writing pieces.We are unmatched in our excellence as we have a team of highly exceptional ghostwriters for hire. We help you structure your thoughts on a piece of paper, which can be an overwhelming task for you in the haphazards of life and busy routine. We provide textual assistance and build a roadmap that helps you align your thoughts into a wonderful writing piece.

It was such a great experience working with 99 Ghost Writers, I never expected it could be such smooth process of book writing. I would like to thank the entire team who guide me step by step and make it possible to publish my 1st Book.


I’m really thankful to 99 Ghost Writers for everything they did for me from Book Writing, Title Design, and Pictures editing till Book printing process. It was always a good experience to talk to the Project manager. Once again I really appreciate your efforts


Really quick service for Book Printing, I would recommend 99 Ghost Writers for Books Printing Services. I got really good quality of book printing within my budget. Thank you once again specially Paul, for your instant respond on my queries.


Designing a Special Children’s book is one of the most difficult task and I was really amazed when I saw the 1st sample book you sent me before printing. Well done 99 Ghost Writers for Special Book’s designing and Printing for our Academy.


Enter The World of Literary Art

Here's a quick way to become an author. Hire a ghostwriter to write a book.

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“99-GHOSTWRITERS” belongs to a set of well-versed individuals with exceptional writing and creative analytical skills.We are proudly responsible for producing formal and in-formal text in the age of digital writing. We produce writings that have the potential for putting character and relatability in the minds of your readers. Be it a storyline of poverty to newfound wealth, a verifiable record, to an inspirational creative piece or the story of a supernatural realm; our Ghostwriters will take care of you. With our ghostwriting services you don’t have to go through the mind-exhausting task of writing your thoughts down, instead just hire a ghostwriter and watch your thoughts become an impression for the world to read.


Although we provide a variety of writing services, here we have listed some for you to catch the core essence of our ghostwriting techniques. We have allotted our ghost book writers specific to their knowledge and expertise. In the required fields as per our valued clients.


Marketing and promotion are the two complicated dilemmas of competitive/strategic marketing. That is not easily grasped by our valued clients. At “99-GHOSTWRITERS” we have the most proficient team of promotion experts and marketing think tanks! We not only help you produce compelling and creative text but will also help you maintain a stable audience reach. We will be creating extensive market awareness for our ghostwriting books for you. So you take your competitors head on.


With the help of Amazon publication services, we will be providing a major back-up for your books promotion. This helps you locate your potential readers around the globe. Our services providers will help you reach the amazon publications. With our swift services you will get yourself published and in reach of the side tables of your readers in no time.


We claim to have the eyes for the details, and we are confident in that because of our talented, knowledgeable and well-versed editors. We help you proofread your content and your writing pieces along with our editing services. We help you produce error free and writing pieces that will help you escalate your manuscript.


For centuries books have been judged by the covers, and there is no point where the readers will ever stop doing that. We are aware of the fact that an interesting cover will grab a potential book buyer. Imagine doing all the efforts for writing that hold the maximum potential and worthy information but no one is going to look at it if the cover design fails to impress the buyer/reader at the first glance. We have a dedicated team of creatives who will help you decide an innovative cover for your book that will help your book elevate its aesthetic appeal.


May that be a modified version of a moral story - something new from scratch or a professional inspiration text that promises to inspire the reader around the globe. Our ghost book writers are ready to write the most unique and original text that will help you develop an intellectual persona in the realm of book writing. At “99-GHOSTWRITERS” we have a set of creative writers who can write in both the mediums of fiction writings.


Want to spit the heaviest bars? Mesmerize your fellow rappers with our hip hop ghostwriting services. We are professional rap song writers who can help you lyrically murder your rivals in the popular rap game. Ace to the top rap charts by availing our professional hip hop writing service.




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Research & Draft

After the order placement, research is conducted by our writers in order to create an outline of your book.


First Chapter

After your approval of the outline! The writing process begins. First chapter is written and sent to you for review.


Editing & Proofreading

After the book is written. It goes into critical evaluation, and review process to omit any potential errors if necessary.


Typesetting & Designing

LFormatting phase of the book beings. Where we add creative visuals and adjust the overall topography of the book.


Publishing & Promotion

We publish your book in the desired format. Make an implication of a custom promotional and marketing strategy.


If yes! Allow us to intervene. We will help you find the right vocabulary for all the unexplainable thoughts in your head. Making you channel your most complex thoughts on a piece of paper with creative efficiency. We find proper phrasing for your thought process to be converted into a shelf-shocking book. That will leave your readers amazed by your sorcery of word selection and creative writing. At “99-GHOSTWRITERS” we have most professional ghostwriters for hire who are aware of all the strategic writing techniques in order to keep your reader captivated. We have writing experts who can navigate you through:

  • Appropriate preparation and direction
  • Comprehensive exploration, altering, and checking on
  • Drafting framework
  • Creative discussion and brainstorming
  • Product/services refined flawlessly

Why Hire 99 Ghost Writers?


We have an extensive portfolio of ghostwriting books in our guidance for our industry based clients.


We are communication effective and we are well-timed in giving responses.


We provide unlimited revisions until you are satisfied to the core extent. Our feedback policy is what makes us unique.


Our ghostwriting books are 100% verified for quality assurance before being delivered to you.

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Enter The World of Literary Art

Here's a quick way to become an author. Hire a ghostwriter to write a book.

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frequently asked questions

Ghostwriting is a service in which a professional writer helps their client write their book in exchange for money. Ghostwriters rarely take credit for their work. Hence, the book is mostly published under the client’s name as the author. The word ghostwriting, however, is not only limited to books. There are ghostwriters for screenwriting, songwriting, speech writing, and practically every category to which writing as a skill is extended.

Once you will contact 99 ghost writers, we will send you a proposal as per your project's requirements that will include NDA, time frame, payment schedule and expected delivery time.

Starting with an initial call with the project manager to brief your requirements. Then our writer will make a content page that will include all the chapters. Once you will approve the list of chapters, you will get the first chapter for approval. After approval the writer will send you the rest of the chapters, then the revision process will start.

A good ghostwriter costs between $2,000 to $20,000. Depends on the project, ghostwriters experience and the genre of the book, number of words, deadline etc.

Assuming everything goes smoothly, It takes around 3-6 months but it can go faster or slower based on the length of the project and your coordination with the project manager(ghostwriter)

A ghostwriter is not credited as an author. Essentially, a ghost writer does not normally receive any credit for your book mostly because he or she signs a non-disclosure bond. The published book is yours alone.

NO! There is no royalty included in this process of ghost book writing. You will only have to pay for the project and that is It.

YES! We at 99 ghostwriters believe in the privacy of our clients. And we make sure that the under-process data and information is safe to the limits. We guarantee 100% confidentiality of your information. And the ghostwrite assigned to you is bound by a Non disclosure agreement.


A Ghostwriter is someone who writes for another person's sake, as per their particulars. The individual in question concurs that the proprietor of the ghostwritten books is credited as the writer. Ghostwriters for hire are mostly considered authors or the genuine essayists of celebrity collections of memoirs. They are additionally occupied, notwithstanding, writing content all around the web.


Following are some of the important written steps that will help you understand the dynamics of “How to hire a ghostwriter?”
1. To start with, you'll have to find a ghostwriter for you by understanding what you need from your ghostwritten book. This isn't an inquiry that many individuals can reply in any detail from the start except if they have had insight with ghostwriters.

2. At the point when you can precisely portray the topic, heading, and style of your book/blog, you should then make some work posting, going into SEO prerequisites, your proposed plan, writing abilities, and how the course of action will function by and by.
A definite, relevant work posting is imperative, particularly in the event that you're wanting to work with a solitary ghostwriter that you wish to hire.
3. It is then important to post the job on an independent writing website (this will help you find a ghostwriter quickly) or straightforwardly to an independent ghostwriter.
4. After posting your request for the job, you are probably going to get responses from many potential ghostwriters. You should filter out the surge of contenders to make a waitlist. Peruse given samples to see which adjusted best to your objectives and style.
5. In the event that the ghostwriter doesn’t be a solid match, it's wise to return to your waitlist or jump once more into the pool to find a ghostwriter that suits you and your business better.


Of course, you love your guests and your clients, yet when you ultimately depend on your elbows in handmade cleanser, cleanroom supplies, reused artworks, or anything that your business is into, there's not generally a plenty of time to be your best in the digital realm, as well, as consistent or precise.

Luckily for you, there are online writing services out there whose expertise lies in words and they will get far removed with regards to distributing your content in your own name. Making quality content/writings takes time, assets, and aptitude. In the event that you miss the mark on one of these, or simply don’t like to write, however you actually need to be credited as the author of your content, there is an answer from ghostwritten books to a blog.


Blog ghostwriting permits organizations in all businesses and of all sizes to convey their messages on the web, expertly, without losing their real voice.
Entrepreneurs and supervisors often come up short on time or assets to create the blog entries that would support lead age, deals, client commitment, and brand mindfulness. Do-It-Yourself or in-house arrangements can prompt pitiful, hurried or unprofessional content that is harmful to your image, no diversion for guests, and not much good to the web all in all. Luckily, there are ghost bloggers and ghostwriting for a blog service, for example, Blog Hands, that can get the heap from you and furnish you with each of the three corners of the ternion - they have the opportunity, assets, and skill to give top notch content to your site. They can assist you position your image and lift your business with natural traffic.

On the off chance that you have a blog, you likely have a comprehension of Search Engine Optimization. Assuming this is the case, you'll realize that it takes constancy, arranging, and persistence to create results from a SEO procedure. On the off chance that your blog isn't working out quite as well as you would like or as well as you would expect, ghostwritten books to a blog service can give the abilities and experience to put forth certain your attempts to move your business in the correct heading.
It is an exercise in futility to have a guide in the event that you are uninformed. An extraordinary ghostwriting service will give you the strategy and the awareness. You will actually want to follow progress and accomplish your objectives all the more effectively and all the more rapidly.

The perfect balance is when ghostbloggers are not just masters of writing blog entries and SEO, yet can likewise give significant data and value information pertinent to your field. On the off chance that you need a blog for a group of microbiologists dealing with a recondite exploration project, you could require trained professionals and you might be expected to give a ton of data. For most organizations, be that as it may, a group of ghost bloggers has an adequate scope of abilities and experience to rejuvenate your blog. This group can cooperate to give significant, important, and connecting data for your valued clients.


We help you in every single aspect of the writing journey ranging from services like editing, formatting, cover designs to publishing and marketing your books to your reader market.