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Looking for Professional and Affordable Ghost Book Writers? We provide 100% plagiarized-free text. Our Ghostwriters are creative and experts who understand the idea of generating compelling, original and unique writing pieces. We are unmatched in our excellence as we have a team of highly exceptional Ghost Book Writers. We help you structure your thoughts on a piece of paper, which can be an overwhelming task for you in the haphazard of life and busy routine. We provide textual assistance and build a roadmap that helps you align your thoughts into a wonderful writing piece.

It was such a great experience working with 99 Ghostwriters, I never expected it could be such smooth process of book writing. I would like to thank the entire team who guide me step by step and publish my 1st Book.

Stacia Morrow

I’m really thankful to 99 Ghostwriters for everything they did for me from Book Writing, Title Design, and Pictures editing till Book printing process. It was always a good experience to talk to the Project manager.

Jofferson Sevilla

Really quick service for Book Printing, I would recommend 99 Ghostwriters for Books Printing Services. I got perfect quality of book printing within my budget. Thank you specially Paul, for your instant respond on my queries.

Camille Fourrier

Designing a Special Children’s book is one of the most difficult task, and I was really amazed when I saw the 1st sample book you sent me before printing. Well done 99 Ghostwriters for Special Book’s designing for our Academy.

Katie Benefield

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Experience seamless storytelling with our Professional Ghost Book Writers..

Here's a quick way to become an author. Hire our Professional Ghost Book Writers to write your book.

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Affordable Ghost Book Wriitng Services

10+ years of Experience

The Most Authentic Ghost Book Writing Services

“99-Ghostwriters” belongs to a set of well-versed individuals with exceptional Book Writing and creative analytical skills. We are proudly responsible for producing formal and in-formal text in the age of digital writing. We produce writings that have the potential for putting character and relatability in the minds of your readers. Be it a storyline of poverty to newfound wealth, a verifiable record, to an inspirational creative piece or the Story of a supernatural realm; our Ghost Book Writers will take care of you. With our Ghostwriting Services you don’t have to go through the mind-exhausting task of writing your thoughts down, instead just hire a Professional Ghost Book Writer and watch your thoughts or Story Book become an impression for the world to read.

Some of Our Major Ghost Book Writing Services Includes

Although we provide a variety of writing services, here we have listed some for you to catch the core essence of our Ghost Book Writing techniques. We have allotted our Professional Ghost Book Writers specific to their knowledge and expertise. In the required fields as per our valued clients.

Book Promotional & Marketing

Marketing and promotion are the two complicated dilemmas of strategic marketing. That is not easily grasped by our valued clients. At “99-GHOSTWRITERS” we have the most proficient team of promotion experts and marketing think tanks! We not only help you produce compelling and creative text but will also help you maintain a stable audience reach. We will be creating extensive market awareness for our ghostwriting books for you. So you take your competitors head on.

Amazon Publications

With the help of Amazon publication services, we will be providing a major back-up for your books promotion. This helps you locate your potential readers around the globe. Our services providers will help you reach the Amazon publications. With our swift services you will get yourself published and in reach of the side tables of your readers in no time.

Book Editing

We claim to have the eyes for the details, and we are confident in that because of our talented, knowledgeable and well-versed editors. We help you proofread your content and your writing pieces along with our editing services. We help you produce error free and writing pieces that will help you escalate your manuscript.

Aesthetic Book Cover

For centuries books have been judged by the covers, and there is no point where the readers will ever stop doing that. We are aware of the fact that an interesting cover will grab a potential book buyer. Imagine doing all the efforts for writing that hold the maximum potential and worthy information but no one is going to look at it if the cover design fails to impress the buyer/reader at the first glance. We have a dedicated team of creatives who will help you decide an innovative cover for your book that will help your book elevate its aesthetic appeal.

Fiction Writing

May that be a modified version of a moral story - something new from scratch or a professional inspiration text that promises to inspire the reader around the globe. Our ghost book writers are ready to write the unique and original text that will help you develop an intellectual persona in the realm of book writing. At “99-GHOSTWRITERS” we have ghost book writers who can write in both the mediums of fiction writings.

Hip Hop Writing

Want to spit the heaviest bars? Mesmerize your fellow rappers with our hip hop ghostwriting services. We are professional rap song writers who can help you lyrically murder your rivals in the popular rap game. Ace to the top rap charts by availing our professional hip hop writing service.

Insights on Our Creative Ghost Book Writing Process


Sign Up

Chat with us online or give us a call for placing an order.


Research & Draft

After the order placement, research is conducted by our writers in order to create an outline of your book.


First Chapter

After your approval of the outline! The writing process begins. First chapter is written and sent to you for review.


Editing & Proofreading

After the book is written. It goes into critical evaluation, and review process to omit any potential errors if necessary.


Typesetting & Designing

Formatting phase of the book beings. Where we add creative visuals and adjust the overall topography of the book.


Publishing & Promotion

We publish your book in the desired format. Make an implication of a custom promotional and marketing strategy.

Professional Ghost Book Writing Company

Professional Ghost Book Writing Company

We will help you find the right vocabulary for all the unexplainable thoughts in your head. Making you channel your most complex thoughts on a piece of paper with creative efficiency. We find proper phrasing for your thought process to be converted into a shelf-shocking book. That will leave your readers amazed by your sorcery of word selection and creative Book Writing. At “99 Ghostwriters” we have most professional Ghostwriters that are aware of all the Strategic Book Writing Techniques in order to keep your reader captivated. We have Book Writing Experts who can navigate you through:

  • Appropriate preparation and direction
  • Comprehensive exploration, altering, and checking on
  • Drafting framework
  • Creative discussion and brainstorming
  • Product/services refined flawlessly

Why Hire 99 Ghost Book Writers?


We have an extensive portfolio of ghostwriting books in our guidance for our industry based clients.


We are communication effective and we are well-timed in giving responses.


We provide unlimited revisions until you are satisfied to the core extent. Our feedback policy is what makes us unique.


Our ghostwriting books are 100% verified for quality assurance before being delivered to you.

Award-Winning Ghostwriting Services By Extremely Talented Ghostwriters

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Affordable Ghost Book Writers in USA.

For any kind of Writing Services, 99 Ghostwriters offer Professional Ghostwriters within your budget.

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Premium Services Offer by our Ghost Book Writing Company

What are Ghost Book Writers?

Ghost Book Writers are professional writers who are hired to write books or other written content on behalf of someone else. Ghost Book Writers are mostly considered authors or the genuine essayists of celebrity collections of memoirs. They are additionally occupied, notwithstanding, writing content all around the web.

How to Hire a Ghost Writer?

Following are some of the important steps that will help you understand the dynamics of “How to hire a Professional Ghost Writer?”
1. To start with, you'll have to find Ghostwriter for you by understanding what you need from your ghostwritten book. This isn't an inquiry that many individuals can reply in any detail from the start except if they have had insight with ghostwriters.

2. At the point when you can precisely portray the topic, heading, and style of your book/blog, you should then make some work posting, going into SEO prerequisites, your proposed plan, writing abilities, and how the course of action will function by and by.
A definite, relevant work posting is imperative, particularly in the event that you're wanting to work with a solitary ghostwriter that you wish to hire.

3. It is then important to search a Professional Ghost Writer on Internet (this will help you find ghostwriters quickly) or Directly visit the Ghost Book Writing Company Website and talk to them.

4. After searching, you are probably going to get responses from many potential Ghostwriters or Ghost Writing Companies. You should filter out the surge of contenders to make a waitlist. Peruse given samples to see which adjusted best to your objectives and style.

5. In the event that the ghostwriter doesn’t be a solid match, it's wise to return to your waitlist or jump once more into the pool to find ghostwriters that suits you and your business better.

Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

1. Professional Ghostwriters offer Professionalism

Even if you are an expert in your field, you have faith in your experience and profession and writing skills but are you a Professional Book Writer? Do you have any experience in writing anything that's been published, probably not?

You just have a feeling that you can do a better job, but this art takes more than a feeling and expertise in your profession. Our professional Ghost Books writers for hire are experts in this field. You don't have to worry about grammatical and spelling errors as well.

2. Quick Turn Around

It's a Professional Ghost Book Writer's job to write and come up with better content and ideas for you. And a professional Ghost writer will quickly understand you and write your content in a presentable book format using bookish language. So a thousand-page book might not be an impossible task for an Experienced Ghost Book writer but it will be a hell of a task for you if you think you can do it.

3. Ghostwriters are an Idea Assistant

Ghostwriter knows the importance of marketability and provides feedback on the subject the author is writing about.

The writer often becomes a collaborator and is the first reader of your content as well, so in a way he becomes your content assistant. The author can pinch ideas on him and he can provide you with justifiable feedback on how the reader will interpret it. They can convert your ideas into readers liking content. Our Professional Ghostwriter will never make you feel like you're alone; his support might get you to come up with better ideas than before. Utilizing the skills of an Experienced Ghost Book Writer can be a great answer for your problems.

4. Brand Making

If you Hire a Ghost Book Writer, he/she can make chunks of your content ideas into a brand they can help you establish precisely what the reader wants. They will be able to craft every line with such delicacy that no matter where and when people read it the voice will always be yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ghostwriting is a service in which a professional Ghost Book Writer helps their client write their book in exchange for money. Ghost Book Writers rarely take credit for their work. Hence, the book is mostly published under the client’s name as the author. The word ghostwriting, however, is not only limited to books. We have Ghost book writers for screen writing, songs writing, speech writing, and practically every category to which writing as a skill is extended.

Once you will Sign up at 99 Ghostwriters, we will send you a Brief Form as per your project type that will help us to understand your requirements. And Then we will go with proposal that will include NDA, time frame, payment schedule and expected delivery time.

Starting with an initial call with the project manager to brief your requirements. Then our Ghost writer will make a content page that will include all the chapters. Once you will approve the list of chapters, you will get the first chapter for approval. After approval the writer will send you the rest of the chapters, then the revision process will start.

A Professional Ghost Book Writer costs between $2,000 to $20,000. Depends on the project, Ghostwriters experience and the genre of the book, number of words, deadline etc.

Assuming everything goes smoothly, It takes around 2 - 4 months but it can go faster or slower based on the length of the project and your coordination with the project manager / Ghost Book Writer

A Ghost Book Writer is not credited as an author. Essentially, a Ghost Book writer does not normally get the credit for your book mostly because he or she signs a non-disclosure bond. The published book is yours alone.

NO! There is no royalty included in this process of Ghost Book Writing or any Ghostwriting project. You will only have to pay for the project and that is It.

Yes! We at "99 Ghost writers" believe in the privacy of our clients. And we make sure that the under-process data and information is safe to the limits. We guarantee 100% confidentiality of your information. And the Ghost Write assigned to you is bound by a Non disclosure agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect When Writing a Book?

It takes the average novelist 475 hours to write a novel. Writing a book is no walk in the park. It may take a year or more for a seasoned author to finish writing a book. It is well known that many great authors hire Ghostwriters to help them meet deadlines, keep up with changing trends in the industry, and increase sales. The author of a book may never know which parts were not written by themselves. Ghostwriters capture the author's voice, language and pace as if they've written it themselves—even though someone else did.

Even an expert in his field may need help writing a book, so it follows that someone not accustomed to writing will benefit most from working with a professional. When people decide to write a book, one of their biggest challenges is figuring out what to include in it. You may have a detailed plan for how the book will be organized. But writing those thoughts down is a different story altogether. Most people don't recognize the potential in their own ideas, and so they abandon writing projects before they even get off the ground. We recommend that you talk to an author or writer, regardless of whether they are on a ghost writing staff position, before deciding to quit. Many famous authors had their first books rejected by publishers. So keep writing, rewriting, and then re-writing your book until you're happy with the final result. The struggle to write comes from having to give your full attention both to a blank computer screen and the inner turmoil of trying—and failing—to come up with words. For many new writers, the first draft—whether of an entire book or just a chapter—can be arduous.

People mistakenly assume that once they've finished writing their book, the work is done. It isn't long before they realize that things aren't as easy as they thought. Getting published can be a difficult process for first-time authors. It's hard to know where to begin when you're publishing a book, but it's worth the money for an expert to guide you through the process. Working with an expert and professional service like 99 Ghoswriters could save you time and energy. We'll take care of all the publishing details with you. Although we loathe to admit it, writing a book is a business. If no one is buying your book, however well-written it may be, you're not going to make any money. It's important to create an appealing, well-designed product or service before promoting it; otherwise, people won't pay attention. It means designing the book cover, formatting it for print or e-book format and marketing it so that when potential readers search online stores like Amazon, they will find your title.

Qualities of Good Ghostwriters

When you are "hiring a ghostwriter", the most important thing to remember is that it will be your book. It's important to discuss time constraints when hiring someone. Ghostwriters can produce books more quickly than other writers. The amount of time each writer requires, and the level of involvement required by clients—this will vary from writer to writer. A ghostwriter may keep you at arm's length throughout the process, communicating with you only occasionally. Do not assume that they are bad writers.

If your job leaves you with little time for anything else, or you’re a single mother who has to balance her obligations at work with the demands of raising children, for any reason that prevents you from giving a project the attention it deserves then you should "hire a ghostwriter" whose experience matches your needs. In contrast, if you want to learn more about your book and how it is being received, then take some time out of each day to monitor the reviews. You should make the nature of your project clear to prospective ghostwriters before hiring anyone. You should be clear about what you expect from a writer before entering into an agreement with them. You can locate excellent ghostwriters on freelancer websites, but there is no guarantee that the writer will do a good job for you. You should look for ghostwriters who have Ghost writing services websites dedicated to their work, or they have a profile with a reputable agency, which helps ensure the quality of their work and also provides authenticity for clients.

A good ghostwriter has a background in the subject matter relevant to your book, so you’re confident that they understand the niche and their experience will allow them to write an effective book. It is difficult for an author to acknowledge the role of a ghostwriter if that writer has signed non-disclosure agreements for all their work. One way to gauge the writing skills of a ghostwriter is to request an outline first. It can be instantly seen whether a writer is professional and experienced. Hiring a professional ghostwriter can make your writing process go much more smoothly. If a writer is not suited to your temperament and needs, however talented he or she may be, then the hiring decision can prove disastrous. Appropriate costs should be incurred in order to achieve the desired result. For that reason we offer a flexible pricing structure so you can create your own customized package. Don't hesitate to contact us today and schedule an appointment.

Looking for Professional Ghost Book Writing Services ??

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Should I Hire a Ghostwriter? Why?

A minority of writers believe that hiring a ghostwriter is unethical.But just as it would be impossible for you to build the house in which you live all by yourself, so too is it often difficult for a first-time author to write his or her own book.

Writing a book is even more challenging than writing an article. A person who was intelligent and realistic would not let their shortcomings hinder their dream of becoming an author by finding a ghostwriter. The main reason why people hire ghostwriters is that they simply don't have enough time to write a book. Authors sometimes have to spend time on other aspects of their lives, like running a business or raising children etc. The author may want to use their portfolio as a way of showcasing the variety of projects they have worked on.

If you're a busy person who wants to write his or her own book, hiring a ghostwriter may be best for you because hiring a professional ghostwriter would save you time for other stuff too. It is often said that two heads are better than one, and this proverb isn't wrong. One of the most significant reasons to hire a professional writer is so that you can gain expertise and creativity that would otherwise be unavailable to you. The ideas are still yours, but you have to use the skills of a writer to turn them into words and organize them into a book. There is nothing to be ashamed of in asking for help. Not everyone is blessed with a gift for writing.

To be a good writer, you must have years of experience, creativity, reading habits, command over vocabulary and patience. Why spend years working to develop expertise when you can pay someone else who already has it? Do not waste a second to hire a Ghostwriter. Other than the two reasons mentioned above, there may be other factors that cause you to seek assistance in writing your book. A ghostwriter can offer a fresh perspective that will give your book a new look and provide valuable insights based on their decades of experience. They may also use a literary project as an exciting learning opportunity for both you and them. Hiring a ghostwriter to write your book for you is both legal and ethical. It's difficult for businesses to embrace the idea of hiring a ghostwriter, even though it's not actually illegal.

What Hiring a Ghostwriter Looks Like!

The ghostwriter is like a ghost—he or she writes books in the name of someone else. When the ghost takes over the book, it quickly accomplishes an impossible task by remaining in shadows. Writing may be difficult, but it is not impossible. It takes a certain amount of skill to be able to finish writing your own book; it’s often much harder for someone who hasn't done it before. A ghost is never at rest. Ghostwriters can write over a thousand words in one day, making it seem like they spend hours writing without taking breaks.

While they are working for only a few hours each day, the ghostwriters have many years of experience in the same projects and know exactly how to deal with any challenge. It is you who can see a ghost, not anyone else; they cannot believe in them but you. You can keep your collaboration with a ghostwriter secret from everyone except those you want to know about it. The ghost takes on the client's voice precisely.

Additionally, since the client is still in charge of what's written and how it gets done, they can always make changes. We will work with you to develop your idea into a full-fledged book proposal. We will spend hours listening to or watching you on our video conferencing system as we learn all about your book. You can reach us by email if you feel uncomfortable making voice calls. Our writers will work together to create a project that takes advantage of each contributor’s expertise and creativity. An outline of your book is drawn up, and you approve or make changes before we begin writing further chapters. Regardless of the merits of a book, it is not what you are looking for if it does not address your specific concerns. We would not enjoy working like that. Ghostwriters may not take credit for their work. However, we do offer recommendations and suggestions based on our years of experience. In ghostwriting, the ultimate decision-making power rests with clients, not writers. Once you have approved the outline, we assign one of our greatest writers to your project. For example, if you do not want us to select a different writer from the specific category then so be it.

The writer will send you each chapter after writing it and ask for your approval before sending the next one. Each revision can be saved separately, so that any changes to one version won't affect the whole project. Once you've written all the chapters, your project status changes to editing. Our editing services include proofreading and formatting, as well as publishing standards, in order to turn the manuscript into a full-fledged book. We can provide a single service, such as editing or proofreading, or we can take charge of the entire book-writing process. We will create a tasteful interior page design and use appropriate fonts.

We will work with you to create a cover that reflects your book's content and voice. Your book will be a unified entity: its cover design, writing style, and format will all work together to complement one another. We have worked with clients who are writing books and want to use the Internet as a way of promoting themselves. We help authors create and maintain websites, develop blogs for them, provide online publicity and social media marketing. New writers might enjoy the opportunity to expand their writing horizons through ghostwriting. As you begin, it often helps to seek advice and guidance at every step along the way. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your voice over needs and can be reached by phone or email. We consider it a privilege to help aspire writers make the transition from dreamer to published author.