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Allow us to take your book undertaking to another level and hire our expert Professional Business Book Ghostwriters to work on a book that stands apart among the top business books out there.

Not all Business Book Ghostwriters are aware about the facts of how a particular book sells. However , at “99 Ghostwriters” we have a profound team of Professional Business Book Ghostwriters who hold the Technical Book Writing skills to convert all your Business Book ideas into reality. This makes us the most trustworthy and utterly Professional Business Book Ghostwriting services. So what are you waiting for, Just call us today and Hire Professional Business Book Ghostwriting Services.

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On the off chance that you're a business owner who wishes to distribute your own Business Book, you came to the right destination, We have Professional Business Book Ghostwriters. Our team contains top Business Professional Ghostwriters who are equipped enough with the information and experience to change over your scattered thoughts into a top rated Business book. Writing a Business Book has never been made any simpler with our Business Book Ghostwriting skills.

Do you need your Business book to stick out? Our capable Professional Business Book Writers set the right interest group for your book and work that yields fast outcomes.

Our Professional Business Book Ghostwriters will give you the believability that you want. To make credibility as well as dominate other business heads of your competitors. The most common way of changing your simple thoughts into Business Books can be troublesome to certain individuals, however our writers hold mastery in completing the entire Business Ghostwriting process with class and elegance.

Business Book Ghostwritig Services

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Get Professional Business Book Writing, Editing and Printing Services with 99 GhostWriters.

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Affordable Ghost Book Wriitng Services

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Business Book writing is a lengthy task, it’s a task that has to be done with precision. And you will definitely have doubts about Ghostwriting a Business Book as a professional businessman. Well you don’t have to worry about anything, we are also professionals just as you! Our ethical behavior and unique style for communication will help you clear that doubt.

Regardless of that being said, trusting a Ghostwriter is not that easy! Whereas for this particular business we have the top quality Content Writers and project managers. Who will help you develop convincing and top rated content for your Business book Writing. So our valued clients don’t necessarily have to face any sort of problem. And stay comfortable throughout your Business Book Writing process.

We have multiple channels to take timed responses from our valued clients. So they don’t keep on guessing what is happening. Our Ghostwriters are Professional and knowledgeable when it comes to perceiving your thoughts and ideas! Also converting them into words that matters and this is what make us the Professional Business Book Writing Company in US.

Process of Business Book Writing



Reserve your spot by filling a simple brief form, and be instantly welcomed by one of our cordial project managers who will take in all the information you have to share about your book.


Research & Outline Draft

After the order placement, research is conducted by our writers in order to create an outline of your book, considering all the aspects you want in it and sent to you for the Approval.


First Chapter Approval

After your approval of the outline! The writing process begins. Once First chapter is written will be sent to you for a quick review. And after the approval writer will move to other chapters.


Editing & Proofreading

After the book is written, all the chapters are done. It goes into critical evaluation, and review process for proofreading to omit any potential errors if necessary.


Formatting, Typesetting & Designing

After Proofreading, Formatting phase of the book beings. Where we add creative visuals and adjust the overall topography of the book and sent it for approval.


Publishing & Promotion

Now the book is ready to publish either in EBook format or Hardcopy. We publish your book in the desired format. Make an implication of a promotional and marketing strategy.

Business Book Writers

Affordable Business Book Ghostwriting Services

Hire a Business Book Ghostwriter For Professional Business Book Writing

Businness Book Ghostwriters with 99 Ghostwriters

frequently asked questions

Business Book Ghostwriting is a Professonal Business Book Writing Service in which a Professional Business Book GhostWriter helps their client write their Business book in exchange for money and Business Book Ghostwriters do note take credit for their work.

Once you sign up at 99 Ghost Writers for a Professional Business Book Ghostwriter, we will send you a proposal as per your project's requirements that will include NDA, time frame, payment schedule and expected delivery time to complete your Business Book Writing Project.

Our Professional Business Book Ghostwriter will starting with an initial call get the brief of your requirements. That will help our Professional Ghostwriter to make a Content Page which will include all the chapters. Once List of Chapters is approved, Our Professional Business Book Ghostwriter will Complete the first chapter and send you for the approval. Once you are Satisfy with the quality, and selection of words for your 1st chapter, the writer will Start Writing Rest of the chanpters and then the revision process will start.

A Professional Business Book Ghostwriter costs between $2,000 to $50,000. Depends on the project, Business Book Ghostwriters experience, number of words or Chapters, Deadline etc.

Writing a Business Book takes minimum 60 Working days to 120 Working days. Still it depend on co-ordination between a Business Book Ghostwriter and Author. But atleast it takes 2 months of time.

A Big NO. Business Book Ghostwriters do not get ant credit of book writing.

NO! There is no reyality includes in Business Book Ghostwriting Process. Ghostwriters are only get paid for the Ghostwriting Project.

Yes! We at 99 Ghostwriters, believe in the privacy of our clients. And we do not shear any Data or Information. We guarantee 100% confidentiality of your information.

Why do you Need a Business Book Ghostwriter?

Being aware of the fact that publishing your own book can really help you boost your career in the industry that you have been working on. A Business Book holding your name can create a leading impact on your competitors. So a Professional Business Book Ghostwriter is the one who can help you in this. Ultimately our editors add the last touch to your venture by their perfect editing abilities until it is totally prepared for distributing.

Why 99 Ghostwriters for Business Book Writing Services?

Here are some of the list key-points that will help develop an outline regarding “99 Ghostwriters” and the Business Book Writing Services.

So you can have a clear minded approach while considering us for your precious and valued thoughts to be converted in a book.

1. Ace ability to manipulate words.
2. Proficient Service.
3. Collective efforts with Industry level experts.
4. Completely guided distribution process.
5. Well timed to convey the service.

So, What are you waiting for? Hire Professional Business Book Ghostwriting Services and Get Your Business Book Ready Today and Be on Top of the Shelves! WE WISH YOU GOOD LUCK... ;)

It was such a great experience working with 99 Ghost Writers, I never expected it could be such smooth process of book writing. I would like to thank the entire team who guide me step by step and make it possible to publish my 1st Book.

Stacia Morrow

I’m really thankful to 99 Ghost Writers for everything they did for me from Book Writing, Title Design, and Pictures editing till Book printing process. It was always a good experience to talk to the Project manager. Once again I really appreciate your efforts.

Jofferson Sevilla

Really quick service for Book Printing, I would recommend 99 Ghost Writers for Books Printing Services. I got really good quality of book printing within my budget. Thank you once again specially Paul, for your instant respond on my queries.

Camille Fourrier

Designing a Special Children’s book is one of the most difficult task and I was really amazed when I saw the 1st sample book you sent me before printing. Well done 99 Ghost Writers for Special Book’s designing and Printing for our Academy.

Katie Benefield