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Hip-Hop culture and rap are tied in with being genuine, real and authentic. What's more, actually music is simply one more customer item. By the day's end, we as a whole need great music on the lookout.

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What's more, assuming that there is a choice to spruce your music up and improve your quality ten times, why not? Achieve that and more in a viable, helpful and easy way, and hire a song ghost writer today with “99-Ghostwriters”

Is it true that you are an admirer of good rap with soul-liquefying verses? Do you put such a lot of adoration and an incentive for the verses of rap tunes when you pay attention to them? Obviously, everybody cherishes great music, secretly composing rap - occupations give you the stage to cause them to compose helpful verses about rap melody for you. In the event that you are a profound rapper, yet you can't compose great Rap. All we are here to give you great music is hip hop raps. Be it rap and different classifications of music - with “99-Ghostwriters” expound on them all.

hip hop ghostwriting

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Here's a quick way to become an author. Hire a song writer.

hip hop ghost writing
Affordable Ghost Book Wriitng Services

Genre Selection with Our Hip Hop Writers “99-Ghostwriters”

Hip hop writers are professional behind the scenes who will transform your thoughts into an unforgettable song. We will satisfy the vision of your melody and improve it. Our hip hop writers are devotees to the place of frenzy. They can catch your tone and mentality flawlessly, so when you play out, the words sound perfectly when you spit those stanzas on the mic.

We deal with verses of practically all styles and designs. These are the subgenres of hip hip that we spend significant time in: We have an accomplished rap ghostwriting services for recruit in each and every specialty/genre of rap writing:

1. Gangsta rap
2. Trap
3. Crunk
4. R&B
5. G-funk
6. Low-fi
7. Mutter rap

Process of Ghost WRITING



Reserve your spot by filling a simple brief form, and be instantly welcomed by one of our cordial project managers who will take in all the information you have to share about your book.


Research & Outline Draft

After the order placement, research is conducted by our writers in order to create an outline of your book, considering all the aspects you want in it and sent to you for the Approval.


First Chapter Approval

After your approval of the outline! The writing process begins. Once First chapter is written will be sent to you for a quick review. And after the approval writer will move to other chapters.


Editing & Proofreading

After the book is written, all the chapters are done. It goes into critical evaluation, and review process for proofreading to omit any potential errors if necessary.


Formatting, Typesetting & Designing

After Proofreading, Formatting phase of the book beings. Where we add creative visuals and adjust the overall topography of the book and sent it for approval.


Publishing & Promotion

Now the book is ready to publish either in EBook format or Hardcopy. We publish your book in the desired format. Make an implication of a promotional and marketing strategy.

Professional hip hop ghost writing

Enter The World of Literary Art

Here's a quick way to become an author. Hire a song ghost writer.

Professional hip hop ghostwriting

frequently asked questions

Hip Hop writing particularly includes Rap Music or Rapping. It is not limited to music because it originates as a poetic form of verbal utterance essentially used to insult the competitors and challengers in a rhythmic fashion. Each line of rap music contains some special elements and needs some special rhythmic flow to keep the audience connected with the music Beats.

One of the easiest and most famous ways to Hire Hip Hop Writers is to search on the freelancing websites. You can find a variety of Hip Hop Ghostwriters on various platforms. You can also Hire the Professional Ghostwriters for Hip Hop writing through Ghostwriting agencies. In the agencies you can get well experienced and Professional Hip Hop Ghostwriters.

Once you will contact 99-Ghostwriters, we will send you a proposal as per your Hip Hop project requirements that will include NDA, time frame, payment schedule and expected delivery time.

Starting with an initial call with the project manager to brief your Hip Hop Song Writing requirements. Then our writer will make an Outline of the Song. After approval the Writer will Complete the Song, then the revision process will start.

A Professional Hip Hop Song Writer costs between $2,000 to $10,000. Depends on the Song Length, Ghostwriters experience and deadline etc.

It takes around 5-20 days but it can go faster or slower based on the length of the project and your coordination with the Project Manager.

NO! There is no royalty included in this process of Hip Hop Song Writing. You will only have to pay for the project and that is It all.

YES! We at 99-Ghostwriters believe in the privacy of our clients. And we make sure that the under-process data and information is safe to the limits. We guarantee 100% confidentiality of your information. And the Ghostwriter assigned to you is bound by a Non Disclosure Agreement.

Hip Hop Song Writers for Hire with “99-Ghostwriters”

Hip-Hop has always been a progressing genre of music as well as the culture. Remaining in the paparazzi, highlights, and on the top in the game isn't a piece of cake.Through the time, we've seen rap artists getting advertised for a season and afterward losing their appeal before they can come to the major associations or production managers. Much more heart wrenching is to see rap artists making incredible music however not having the option to keep up. How might they? Composing a rad melody, particularly rap, isn't a cakewalk; it requires investment. Time spent on visits, shows, in studios, with makers, and multiple different things on the forefront where an artist's face is required.

We at “99-Ghostwriters” have a set of unique and versatile hip-hop writers who have been providing hip hop writing services to the famous industry artists. They have the most profound style of writing on and off beat rhymes. That will help you create a long lasting impression in the minds of your listeners. We help you create the ideal and equally weighted rhymes that will not only impress your listeners but will also keep your rivals scared to get into a rap battle with you.

Hip hop writers at our services are individuals with exceptional taste in the genre of rap music. We have hip hop writers who have an experience of delivering the most relatable bars and rhymes that connect with your ideology, the surroundings and with the listeners.

Lyrically Murder Your Rivals in Rap Battles with Our Rap Ghostwriters

In the realm of music, we need to understand the idea of relatability. Moreover, the idea gets relatable to the audience/listeners! Your chances for becoming a successful artist are multiplied. At “99-Ghostwriters” we have been providing rap ghostwriting services to our clients while keeping the idea of reliability in mind. We have rap ghostwriters and hip hop ghostwriters who have the adequate knowledge of classic and modern hip hop! If you think you lack a particular skill or you just want to have an idea of how the world of rhymes works. You just avail our hip hop ghostwriting services. This will help you give a direction from where you should start and how it should be while wanting to write your own rap.

Rap battles are improvisations, it’s the art of momentarily thinking! The pressure of an artist gets doubled when you have to think of spontaneous verses along with maintaining the rhyme. By having our hip hop ghostwriters for hire, you learn the art of using your vocabulary for your benefits. You can have a clear look on the draft understanding how the words and vocabulary is being carefully used and placed. We provide our hip hop ghostwriting services in order to guide you on how the dynamics of effective writing works in the world of hip hop!

It was such a great experience working with 99 Ghost Writers, I never expected it could be such smooth process of book writing. I would like to thank the entire team who guide me step by step and make it possible to publish my 1st Book.

Stacia Morrow

I’m really thankful to 99 Ghost Writers for everything they did for me from Book Writing, Title Design, and Pictures editing till Book printing process. It was always a good experience to talk to the Project manager. Once again I really appreciate your efforts.

Jofferson Sevilla

Really quick service for Book Printing, I would recommend 99 Ghost Writers for Books Printing Services. I got really good quality of book printing within my budget. Thank you once again specially Paul, for your instant respond on my queries.

Camille Fourrier

Designing a Special Children’s book is one of the most difficult task and I was really amazed when I saw the 1st sample book you sent me before printing. Well done 99 Ghost Writers for Special Book’s designing and Printing for our Academy.

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