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Comedy writers are keen observers and majorly art-enthusiastic individuals. They accumulate an experience of more than 5 to 10 years in total. These individuals have a sharp eye to the most common details being missed by our peers. Understanding that these individuals are rare to find out while looking for quality comedy ghost writers for hire. So how do you plan on finding yourself such a worthy satire writer?

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“99-Ghostwriters” Offers Highly Experienced & Profound Comedy Writing Services

Well we have a solution “99-Ghostwriters” is the world's top leading ghostwriting agency. Providing multiple writing services in various fields including “Comedy Writing” Our proficient team of experienced writers will help you develop a persona as an established comedy writer, who is aware about the art of comedy writing books. Our extraordinary humor-filled individuals will develop a script that will help you become a remarkable writer in the minds of your readers.

Need to bring laughter among your crowd through your contents, plays, movies, works, and theaters? Our boundlessly experienced group of comedy ghost writers for hire - foster a charming opening of your work to catch the interest of the reader and to keep them wanting to read more from you. Our comedy professional writers know everything. Recruiting our accomplished satire based writers will help you in minimizing the mistakes looked by an amateurishly written comedy. Our comedy authors are somewhat capable at entertaining the readers and leaving them yearning for more. With readers moving towards satire/comedy writing as a comfort and diversion source, our writers best guarantee you they rank among the most elevated parody authors/writers to convey quality written pieces through their comedy writing skills.

comedy ghost writing

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Here's a quick way to become an author. Hire a comedy script ghost writer.

comedy ghostwriting
Affordable Ghost Book Wriitng Services

1. Stand Up Comedy Writers for Hire

Most comedians don’t find stand-up comedy easy to write. They always face the situation from being laughed at to the audience staying dead silent. Situations like these motivate them to work hard and produce better content. Work on their body language and delivery. That hits every dynamic of the audience in a particular live show. To understand the psyche of the masses, comedians are mostly in need of an effective comedy script in their journey of “how to become a comedy writer and a performer. At 99 Ghostwriters, we offer services of stand up comedy writers for hire.

We have the best comedy ghostwriters to solve this comedic dilemma for you. If you are a stand-up comedian and want to make your audience jump off the seats with your punch-lines you just came to the right spot. Our well versed team of comedy writers will help you achieve your goals.




Reserve your spot by filling a simple brief form, and be instantly welcomed by one of our cordial project managers who will take in all the information you have to share about your book.


Research & Outline Draft

After the order placement, research is conducted by our writers in order to create an outline of your book, considering all the aspects you want in it and sent to you for the Approval.


First Chapter Approval

After your approval of the outline! The writing process begins. Once First chapter is written will be sent to you for a quick review. And after the approval writer will move to other chapters.


Editing & Proofreading

After the book is written, all the chapters are done. It goes into critical evaluation, and review process for proofreading to omit any potential errors if necessary.


Formatting, Typesetting & Designing

After Proofreading, Formatting phase of the book beings. Where we add creative visuals and adjust the overall topography of the book and sent it for approval.


Publishing & Promotion

Now the book is ready to publish either in EBook format or Hardcopy. We publish your book in the desired format. Make an implication of a promotional and marketing strategy.

Professional comedy ghostwriting

Enter The World of Literary Art

Here's a quick way to become an author. Hire a comedy script ghost writer.

Professional comedy ghost writing

frequently asked questions

Comedy Writing includes the engaging funny elements which can turn the sad faces into happy faces. Comedy literature is very helpful to generate laughter among the readers. Through humorous content you can cheer up the moods of the readers. There are different kinds of content used in comedy writing including romantic, tragic or sentimental etc and they allow the readers to laugh through this comic content.

If you have poor writing skills but want to write authentic and attractive comedy content for your readers or for Stand Up comedy, you can hire Professional Comedy Ghostwriters at 99 Ghost Writers. Comedy ghostwriters are very helpful to accomplish your writing task within a very short time.

A good Comedy Ghostwriter costs between $3,000 to $20,000. Depends on the project, Ghostwriters experience and the genre of the book, number of words, deadline etc.

Assuming everything goes smoothly, It takes around 30-60 days but it can go faster or slower based on the length of the project and your coordination with the project manager.

Yes! At 99 Ghostwriters, we believe in the privacy of our clients. And we make sure that the under-process data and information is safe to the limits. We guarantee 100% confidentiality of your information. And the ghostwrite assigned to you is bound by a Non disclosure agreement.

A ghostwriter is not credited as an author. Essentially, a ghost writer does not normally receive any credit for your book mostly because he or she signs a non-disclosure bond. The published book is yours alone.

NO! There is no royalty included in this process of ghost book writing. You will only have to pay for the project and that is It.

2. Tragic Comedy

Tragicomedy is rooted from the absurdity of daily routine, or a series of happenings that one has faced in a life. To put those scenarios into words with the right usage of weighted vocabulary is another task. You will be needing an immense amount of concentrating on your thoughts to see whether what sounds funny to you will also sound funny to others.

We at “99-Ghostwriters” have the best practice to give words to all these absurd rather funny scenarios in any individuals. Just give us the task and watch your audience lose control on their laugh.

3. Sentimental & Romantic Comedy

Sentimental and romantic comedies are different from each other. Sentimental comedy has a higher stake of moral values along with the comedic touch in it. The humor is based on recovering virtue by the leads. This kind of comedy is difficult to master unless you have an ample amount of exposure to the sentiments. In order to produce comedy out of sentiments you have to be careful because without proper research what seems funny to you can be extremely sensitive for someone else. Whereas the romantic comedy is self explanatory it revolves around the dynamics of love and intimacy. Both of these genres have significant importance.

At “99-Ghostwriters” we have the best practices to resolve all your doubts when it comes to comedic writings in multiple genres.

4. Comedic Character Storyline

Protagonist based humor has been the all time favorite for various generations, it has now evolved into the shape of sitcoms. Comedy related to a particular individual requires excessive character development. Element that compliments the humoristic dynamics of an individual. Our professional writers will help you develop interesting characters. That will blow your audience away and they will wait to read more from you.

How to Become a Comedy Writer with “99-Ghostwriters?”

Well we have an answer "99-Ghostwriters" is the world's top driving ghostwriting organization. Giving different composing administrations in different fields including "Comedy Writing"

Our capable group of experienced writers will assist you with fostering a persona as a laid out satire essayist, who knows about the specialty of comedy writing books. Our unprecedented humor-filled writers will write content that will assist you with turning into a momentous essayist in the mind of your readers!!!!

It was such a great experience working with 99 Ghost Writers, I never expected it could be such smooth process of book writing. I would like to thank the entire team who guide me step by step and make it possible to publish my 1st Book.

Stacia Morrow

I’m really thankful to 99 Ghost Writers for everything they did for me from Book Writing, Title Design, and Pictures editing till Book printing process. It was always a good experience to talk to the Project manager. Once again I really appreciate your efforts.

Jofferson Sevilla

Really quick service for Book Printing, I would recommend 99 Ghost Writers for Books Printing Services. I got really good quality of book printing within my budget. Thank you once again specially Paul, for your instant respond on my queries.

Camille Fourrier

Designing a Special Children’s book is one of the most difficult task and I was really amazed when I saw the 1st sample book you sent me before printing. Well done 99 Ghost Writers for Special Book’s designing and Printing for our Academy.

Katie Benefield