An Ultimate Guide to Ebook Writing and Publishing

Ebook Writing

If you are indeed a dreamer, and the prospect of writing an eBook seems more exciting than building a house or inventing something new, then you are in for a treat. We like to write. It’s not just a shame of being born but also an assertion of being an intelligent person who loves to share ideas.

Representing your written words on the web can be a marvelous experience that nobody can deny. However, if you have never thought about it before, or taking time to digest all the information one needs to know before embarking on this journey is the right decision for you. If you are a newbie of eBook writing, then I am sure you need some guidance.

Maybe, you have been considering it but there are too many questions in your mind. So, here comes the perfect guide for you: Ebook writing and publishing. It will also help those who have already written their first eBook but want to improve their process. Ebook writing can be extremely lucrative, fulfilling and fun. But not everyone who writes an ebook has these traits.

The truth is that most ebooks are poorly written, uninteresting and full of errors. How can you create a successful book when there are so many others out there doing the same thing? Let’s first take a look what is an Ebook for someone who is new to this feild.

What is an Ebook?

So first things first we need to know what is basically an “Ebook”? Well, without dragging it more it is just an electronic book in simple words you can say a world of stories in your digital device.  Whether you have a tablet or a mobile phone, a laptop or a computer you are just one touch away from a whole book.

An “Ebook” is just a non-tangible thing, that’s all. The “EBook Writing Business” has been growing at a great rate over the years. Though it is still not as popular as Print Books, an eBook is increasingly being purchased by more and more readers as compared to the earlier decade.

With more people and businesses now turning towards digital platforms for distribution of content and media, this trend can only continue to grow in the coming years! The thing to remember when writing an eBook is that you are the engine of your book. This means that you are in charge of what goes into it and how it should be aged. The next thing to remember is that people need to be able to get your book on a device of their choice and be able to read it – either at home or wherever they are. Let’s now move on to the steps and guide towards writing an Ebook.

Guide to Write an Ebook:

The steps that you’ll take and the steps I am going to lay out will lead you to write your own eBook. You, after all, are the author. And not just anyone- but you! Following these steps, you will be able to position yourself as an author with a book idea that’s ready to sell.

Step 1: Generate a Topic

In case you haven’t thought it through, writing an eBook requires a bit of planning. This means, the topic should be well thought out before you start writing your content.

Like a blog post, the first step in writing an eBook is choosing a topic. Do not choose any whimsy idea that comes to your head—think about what you want to accomplish with your eBook. What do you want to achieve with your content?

Step 2: Structure an Outline

While it may not be sound as a necessary step in the process, putting your thinking cap on and brainstorming new ideas for your eBook is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. It will also help you generate new ideas, which in turn increases the amount of content that you want to incorporate in your eBook.

A well-written book is more than just a compilation of random thoughts, it’s a structured, logical, organized and consistent system. In other words, a good book is truly an intricate design that you can’t help but admire.

You don’t have to write the best scientific or literary work in the world but if you want your book to be remembered by future readers, you need to have specific plans prepared beforehand so that your project won’t miss its target audience!

Step 3: Write the Content

Writing an eBook is not rocket science. It is neither difficult nor time-consuming. Writing a blog requires similar effort. You just write one article and then go on to the next one. The same can be applied to creating an eBook.

You don’t have to spend time on your topic, just pick a single unit and get through it in a single shot. In this step there is nothing much to do but just to fill content in the outline you have made before.

Step 4: Time to Proofread

Well now you have entered all your efforts and passed all the steps above. Now is the time to check if there are any errors left or not?

Book Proofreading should be a necessary step to go with as if there is any kind of misleading sentence left the reader will get confused and not continue reading.

So make sure to edit all the bits and pieces left while writing. Whether the mistake is grammatical or any irrelevant paragraphs or you find something just dragging the story you need to edit it.

Step 5: Designing and Formatting

You might be familiar with the steps above but you don’t know much about the Designing and Book Formatting of the writings you have done. When it comes to the Ebooks Formation and Designing plays an important role to make the reader interested.

You might not be a pro designer then that’s not a big deal you can do it easily. There are so many tutorials on youtube these days which can help you become a pro or you may Hire a Professional Ghostwriting Agency for this Process. Choose the fonts that are easy on the human eye and also go with the primary colours; red, yellow and blue.

How to Publish an EBook?

Ah, good news! You’re nearly done with the eBook. The only thing that is left is just to publish your writing. Now here comes a deal: would you like to sell your story or just want to make people read your work for free. It’s totally up to you what you want with your writing.

When you choose a certain platform you just have to make your account there or talk to some Book Publishing Agency to help you. After doing all the stuff you can hire some of do it by yourself. All the Ebook Publication website offer you a click to publish option, you have to do is just press it. Make sure that you have made a Cover page or Book Cover Design and a brief about your book already before publishing it.

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