Best Book Marketing Tactics for Authors in 2023

book marketing tactics

What is Book Marketing?

Book Marketing is referred to as a process which converts potential target audience into customers who purchase your books. In this process, an Author’s Book is a product and marketing is how you advertise and sell your product.

When you decide to Self-Publish a book, you are accepting all the tasks a traditional publisher would generally take on. In other words, you not just have to Write a Book but you also tackle the job of Book Marketing for your book.  Writing a Book is not a piece of cake. You devote a significant extent of time and energy in writing down a book that you know has the potential to drive substantial worth to the readers. Writing a Book is not adequate. You have to introduce your book to the world so that everybody can experience the thoughts which you are trying to deliver from your Written book.

Most of the authors ask questions about “How to promote a book”? And many of the authors do not have any idea about Book Marketing Strategy. But that is not a big problem. You don’t need to have a Business or Marketing degree to promote your book in the market. You just need some Book Marketing tips from any Book Marketing Company who will guide you and give you advice for your book promotion.

In this respect, a well known company named “99 GhostWriters” is providing their services by helping many authors and publishers to promote their books. 99 ghostwriters have marketing experts which give you Professional Book Marketing ideas and tips and help you to make your book famous and recognizable all around the globe. Here are some book marketing strategies which are listed and determined below.

1. Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing:-

Amazon is one of the most popular and important platform for product marketing and ignoring amazon in your Book Marketing Strategy is a very silly blunder and Professional Book Marketing team at “99  Ghostwriters” advise you to not set aside amazon in your book marketing tactics because book marketing with the help of amazon has very affordable costs and easy process.

So, there are some fundamental constituents. Self-publishing authors are also allowed to register their book in two groups at the time of uploading through Kindle Direct Publishing. If you want to list your book into more than two categories, there is a course of action to pick out as far as seven keywords which are complementary to the content of your book. If you select the perfect keywords then it can facilitate your book  to be recorded in categories and this is possible only if your book has the right keywords. So you should use this option.

Subtitles are another most crucial element of your book. You should give an attractive subtitle to your book, a subtitle which develops excitement and curiosity in the reader’s mind. Following the title to the subtitle and keywords, each and every single thing said in your book has been put forward in the book.  Also boughts demonstrate the other acquisitions you customers or readers are making and it also affects which readers Amazon suggest books to next. In short, also bought is a specific manner of amazon of proposing books to other readers that are complementary to one another.

You can also compress the URL of your book on Kindle Direct publishing, this book marketing idea is best for authors.

2. Platform – Absolute Book Marketing Options:-

Self-publishing platforms also offer a great deal of book marketing options for authors. Instead of setting out to advertise your book organically, you can promote your book with the help of these platforms. For an illustration, Amazon’s Kindle Select is a procedure for authors who are particularly broadcasting their book through the medium of Amazon KDP. The Amazon Kindle Select renders innumerable opportunities to their promotion of books and these programs as well are an excellent manner to enhance your sales.

As soon as authors or writers choose  retailers for publishing their books throughout the publishing activity, they furthermore figure out the platforms for self-publishing. It is then when you should conclude in case that it is beneficial to go with a platform of self-publishing. Nevertheless, assume  you have once advertised your book and have provided particularity to a unique platform for the digital version of your book. If the options for your book promotions your preferred platform delivers are consistently advantageous and should be applied.

The pre-ordering advantages are distinctive in publishing through Amazon. But in case you select different platforms of publishing which have impressive profits. These platforms honor author books  that have an appreciable quantity of pre-order promotions. It is one of the best book marketing strategies.

3. Create an Author Website:-

If you are an Author and you don’t have  any website then we suggest you create your Author Website as soon as you can because a website is a central home of your marketing idea. No matter, amazon is a great platform for authors but the necessity of a website for an author can not be neglected. Readers will directly interact with you through your author website.

A perfect website is proof of your online presence in the world. A website provides you a landing page where you can easily promote and sell your book. launch your book through book launch deals on websites and do a press release in the context of your book promotion and advertising.

You can also grow your website through blog posts because blogging is an excellent manner to boost your target audience. It is also an essential book marketing tip.

4. Authorize Yourself as a Writer:-

It is not enough to have an Author Website for your Book Marketing plan. You should have an existence on different social media sites. Create an Author page on different social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter and all other sites where your target audience easily connects with you.

Social media sites have a great influence on book promotion ideas because it builds up a link between author and reader. Stay connected with your followers and keep them updated about your future contents. Once you gain many followers, then you have to keep your page active. You can also boast some innovative ideas to promote your book on different social media platforms like sharing any graphic of a character from your book which will help you to grow eagerness among your target audience and also expand the following of your page.

5. Long Term Book Marketing Tactics:-

Your email list is a profitable marketing material and every single person who is on your mailing list is a member of your potential target audience. If you have any reader magnet to broaden your mailing list, then utilize it in pinned posts and bios of your social media accounts. Give readers an option to check out some pages from the beginning before they choose to purchase it. Majority of people will observe it is suitable to discover a link which helps them to reach your website easily.

You should also go with the paid promotions to gain followers. The complete strategy of creating a fan base is to assist you to support a book in future. So, if you have an objective to issue a series of books, then your focus should be building a fan base. Survey other authors for your book promotion strategy and check out what they are doing for promotions.

6. Reviews:-

Reviews are always valuable for your Book Marketing Strategy. They are compelling and a confirmation that your book is worth taking. Reviews show the other audience that they will not repent wasting time and money on your book considering the reviews are given by the target audience who have consumed their money to purchase your book and devote the time to read it. However, if they are suggesting other people to purchase and read your book then it must be a fantastic book.

Put a link of your reviews page at the end or 2 page of the book which takes the readers directly to the review page. People are not very excited to give a good review but they do not miss any opportunity to leave a bad review about your content. It is a bitter truth about our market. If the audience does not forget your mistakes then you should not feel guilty requesting them for reviews even when you created a positive influence with your book. You should let your audience know that you read all the reviews and their reviews can be a matter of extreme importance to you.

To cut the story short, you should encourage your readers to leave good reviews on your website and social media pages. Have belief and confidence in your book that you have written to earn honest reviews from your readers.


An author is not only a Writer of the book. A major part of a writer’s job is also the marketing of their books. Build your personality as an author by creative websites and social media pages for your book marketing strategy and drive more and more traffic on your website. Keep your audience engaged by interacting with them on social media platforms. 


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