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self publishing companies

What Is Self Book Publishing?

Self publishing is when writers publish their work without a bookseller or book publisher. This permits the writer to keep control of all innovative decisions, publishing costs and royalty profits. It also authorizes writers to take authority of their book publishing dreams and sell their books just as they visualize. Some of the challenges which authors face after self publishing includes the channel management, published book’s availability and its advertising .

 Self Versus Traditional Publishing

The difference between them is the stage of authority the author has over the publishing task. The key difference between them is, if the writer possesses the rights then the book is self published, it means you have to pay for your work published and if the company possesses the rights then the book is traditionally published, it means you will need to submit your work and have it selected for publication.

Benefits of Self Publishing     

 Self published writers have full proprietorship of rights, and it is completely personalized in all features. Fast in the market, with complete control of marketing. Self published books have a higher profit potential and on other hand authors face so many difficulties in order to make the book’s available on disply and its marketing.

Nowadays it has become easier for an author to publish their books because there are a number of companies that offer Self publishing of E-book or books. These companies have their online network or portal which allows an author to publish them on their portal and they help authors to achieve their goals. Here is the list of top 10 Self publishing companies:

Amazon (KDP)

Amazon KDP stands for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. KDP is a fast and easy way for writers to keep authority of their work and publish worldwide on this kindle app. Kindle Direct Publishing is a e-book self publishing company which has been set up since November 2006. This company helps writers to get to market first and it takes less than 5 minutes to publish the book worldwide. It also helps in making more money to keep control of our rights by setting your own price list. It dominates the market by 80% and spread its roots worldwide. To write a self e-book on Amazon we need a Book title, Author name, Book description, Categories, Keywords, Book cover and Price.

Apple Books 

An Apple book is another recognized and makeable self publishing company for writers. Apple Books is the landing place for authors to publish their books worldwide. Authors can also organize their libraries with their own collection and get to them easily at any time.  Apple Books is a platform where you can store books and audiobooks that you love and find new books to add to your collection. Apple provides an easy way for readers to find books faster than ever. Apple Books for authors guides through every step of your journey as an author. Apple Books is an all-in-one e book reader, book store and audio book player.


Ingramspark is an award winning independent publishing platform, the ability to create professional print books and e-books. It provides print on demand and e-books publishing services to independent writers. Their distribution grid is one of the best in the world, extended to 40,000 reserves. The interface for Ingram spark is somewhat less intuitive, but there are no major issues faced by writers when uploading a book.  It is the biggest book wholesaler in the world owned by Ingram.


Lulu is also one of the best self publishing e-book companies, also known as Lulu press. It is a print on demand (POD) objective used by writers while removing the risk and inconvenience of directory and redemption. It helps the writers to print and distribute their books worldwide.


One of the known perks of Draft2Digital is its ease of use. It also offers the best distribution services and how to format and publish the books. It consists of many factors including excellent customer support with website design and user friendly control panel. Draft2Digital also gives author universal book links (UBL), which connects the customer directly to the book retailer, with the fact that it distributes to all of the major e-book stores.


Smash words describe themselves as “the world’s largest distributor of e-book”. Publishing through Smash Words authors can earn up to 80% royalties. On a simple side comparison, Smash Words and Draft2Digital offer similar pricing structure and royalties. Smash Words is still very popular today.


One of the highly considered self publishing known as Reedy helps the authors in many ways like editing, design and marketing service in one place. It is a marketplace for self publishing professionals. It can also connect author directly to the editor and designers. Reedy has also a book formatting tool that allows any author to make executive e-book and print books files.


Another big name of self publishing for authors is Kobo. One of the most exciting things about this company is that you can self publish on Kobo with very easy steps. It’s completely free to get started. It has deep roots in the international e-book market. Kobo writing life is simple and free to use including exclusive promotion opportunities. 

Publish Drive

Publish drive might be the new kid on the block but all-in-one for self publishing; it can handle both the distribution and promotion of books, with a global reach. It was founded in 2015 and works with over 4,500 publishers. Publish Drive is perfect for authors who want to take part in publishing.


Blurb is also one of the most well-known and trusted print-on-demand (POD) company, with the design aspect of book publishing. It also simplifies the creation of digital and print books. It is an American self publishing company which helps users to create, promote and share their own print and e-books. 

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