Write a Story Book: A Guide for New Book Writers

Write a Story Book

Do you want to employ your creativity by Writing a Story Book? You might hear that there is not any tactic that can make your book one of the bestsellers and that every writer has a unique journey. However, there are certain tactics that can make the book one of the bestsellers through incorporating effective wiring habits and patterns which may help in grabbing the attention of the readers. Here are some effective tactics which must be taken into consideration by the beginners for writing their book through embracing effective writing patterns and styles. 

Choose the Theme of the Book 

Of course, in the first place, you need to come up with the idea and topic around which you are going to write your book. Obviously, without having an appropriate idea or theme for your book, you cannot write even a single page of your book. In order to identify the idea of your interest, you may need to answer yourself some questions such as 

a. What am I willing to write about?

b. What is my perception about the topic of the book?

c. Who will be the target readers of the book?

d. Do I have enough knowledge about the topic I am going to write or am I capable enough to write about the selected topic?

 Answering these questions will be helpful for you in narrowing down to the best possible topic for writing a book. If you are lacking enough ideas in your mind about the selected idea, then you might steer yourself by answering these questions. Another way to choose the best topic of the book is just to think about the things that you liked to read and influenced you. All you need to do first is to bring about a unique and interesting idea which may engage the readers. 

Conduct Adequate Research 

Once you have decided the theme, topic and genre you are going to write around, you should conduct research by reading the books of your chosen genre. This technique is one of the best ways to get to know the way on which you can write the book of your chosen genre. If you are not willing to read the already published bestsellers of your selected genre, then you must at least choose some representative titles and examine them. For instance, you must analyze that the bestseller consists of how many chapters and how long they are? Moreover, you must also observe the structure of the story of that bestseller and you must also jot down the main themes of the book. This technique will assist in finding out what people are loving to read. 

Develop Outline of the Story 

Outlining the story can help you write the book in a more effective manner. And, it becomes very helpful; and necessary if you are a beginner in writing a book because you may have a strong plan if you get stuck somewhere in the middle of the book writing. There are different ways which are adopted for outlining the story such as character based outline, scene and chapter wise outline and free flowing mind map etc. You must consider conflicts, emotions, tension while developing your outline because this is the best way to keep your readers engaged. Character development can also be carried out during the formation of the book outline. 

Beginning Sentence of the Book

You need to focus on the beginning of your book in order to grab the attention of the readers from the beginning. You can hook your readers by developing furtive and strong sentences at the beginning of the book. You can hold the attention of the readers through providing the characters with distinct personalities and enthusiasm. You must experiment with different opening scenes of the book or opening sentences to know what readers are willing to read. 

Prepare First Draft

It is true that the style of writing, impressive vocabulary use, figurative language and well-structured sentences are the major keys of Writing a Good Book. However, preparing the first draft of your book is also a great way to Write a Good Book. Therefore, being the beginner, you must emphasize on your story’s characters, themes, conflicts and plot too to make the writing of the book effective. Outlining the story of the book will benefit you by keeping you on the right track and preparing the first draft of your book will make it easy for you to write better in your final book. 


Prepare Schedule along with Goals

This is the best way to complete your book in the expected time. You can do this by giving your time to writing on the basis of achieving your daily word count goal. Setting realistic and achievable word count goals is crucial to meet your expected time of completion. You can set your word count goals for your individual sessions as well as per month or per week basis. Setting your word count goals will keep you on the right track and will be helpful in completing your book in expected time. 


Make Appropriate Writing Space 

The place where you write plays an important role because you may need a focused and calm space for Writing Your Book. This space can be in a library, or a coffee shop, house or any co-working space too. Opt for the appropriate space for you where you can work without interruptions and more productively. You can make use of noise cancelling headphones to completely focus on your writing and your wiring space should also be clean and non-distracting. 


Reward yourself for Completing Daily Targets 

Writing a Book will full of enthusiasm and without distractions is difficult when there are millions of things available to you which can discourage you or distract you from writing. But, you need to finish your book on time and you need to follow your daily writing routine to achieve daily targets. So, there are few things which can motivate you and will keep you motivated to Write Your Book. In the first place, you can create a list which will include the reasons for Writing a Book. Reminding yourself about the basic purpose of writing a book is the best way of motivating yourself. Or, you can also find a writing buddy with you to remain motivated. Another great way to motivate yourself is to reward yourself for achieving your milestones. You can get motivated for Writing your Book if you set a deadline and a goal, a reward for meeting your target. All you need to do is to not give up even if you get stuck and hit the wall. You may be finding unwillingness to write more. But, just do not give up and rather take a short break and do something else to clear your head. Do not take a long break otherwise you may lose your motivation and momentum of writing the book. 

Editing of Manuscript

Use feedback to edit your writing as in this way it will improve your book ultimately. You should start gathering feedback from as many sources as possible in order to write a book which will be liked by the readers. You can get your feedback from your friends and other fellow writers by providing them with the beginning chapters of your book. Listen to their feedback and apply those suggestions while writing the rest of the book. Once you have completed your book, you can ask for feedback. You can do this by choosing a beta reader of your book which will be helpful in reviewing your book and sharing their thoughts about the book and the writing structure it used and the storyline it has. Moreover, you can opt for a Professional Book Editor to get your book edited in a professional way and also to gather feedback from a Professional Book Writer

Time to Publish the Book

Since you have completed Writing Your Book and edited it after gathering feedback and now you think that you have persevered to write a story book till the end after so many efforts through brainstorming, outlining and writing the first draft and then edited it according to the feedback. But, what to do now? Your book is simply ready to be published. Professional Book publishers can help you guide how to publish a book because it is also a challenging process. Since, you have come this far by writing a book, so now it’s time to publish your book

All you will need to do is to invest your time and money in designing your stellar cover for the book from Professional Book Cover Design Agency and you should also investigate how you can do marketing of your book. In contrast to this, you can also write an appealing query letter in order to get an offer for publishing your book. 

After doing this all, you should be proud of yourself for such an incredible achievement! Now, you may continue writing more books in an even better way. So, now it is the time to finally reward yourself and start marketing your book to target your readers.  

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